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Website Services


These brochure websites are primarily used as an electronic brochure, providing a description of your product or service. Brochure websites can also include contact information like phone numbers, email addresses, business hours and usually a map or directions on how to get to your business.

  • Easy to create
  • Can be made quickly
  • Require very little maintenance




E-commerce sites are an extension of the database driven model, adding the ability to purchase goods and services online. This is the most powerful form of online application, allowing access to your inventory or service 24 hours a day.

Here are some of the areas where custom applications can help your business:

  • Accepting credit cards to increase online sales considerably
  • Merchant Account may be needed
  • Self updateable product pages



Dynamic websites contain information that get updated on a regular basis; weekly, daily or even hourly. Although they may contain the same information as a Static website, certain areas can be updated easily.

  • Real time information available
  • Easy or Automatic update by user




The ability to organize and display a large amount of information is best done using a database. With this powerful technology, you can operate a seemingly huge site from a small interface.

Databases are used in a variety of ways to help your clients or employees access the information you want them to find.

  • Manage large amount of information
  • Easily edit database records
  • Can merge with your current database system